PREMIUM presents 'My Frankfurt!'

As a longtime editor-in-chief of the Sportswear International and current Executive Editor of the advanced format The Spin Off, Sabine Sommer (formly Kühnl) shapes the international B2B fashion magazine landscape significantly. Her journalistic focus is – alongside denim – sustainably acting brands as well as innovative concepts and minds of the industry and any relevant currents and trends. As an experienced spokeswoman and presenter, Sommer has also appeared in the Premium Group formats such as the FashionTech conference for years.

The best thing about Frankfurt?

The enormous opposites, urged relatively small space.

Here's my favorite pasta:

In the Trattoria Amici.

My work beer I drink:

In the AMP.

The best place for breathing?

On my balcony.

I find inspiration:

In the tram number 11, between Galluswarte and Osthafenplatz.

The three most exciting stores?

Lorber, Total Metal, Viola Boßer Ceramics.

When Frankfurt would be a piece of clothing?

It would be a black bomber jacket!

Why is Frankfurt the ideal place for a Fashion Week?

See answer first question.

What I am most looking forward to during the premiere of Premium and Seek?

To be a bit of a hostess!