Meet the SEEKers: Why you need to know UY

How did UY Studio come to be? Can you tell us a little about your founding story?

Our journey into fashion began as a passion project, where we created garments for ourselves & friends. As we honed our skills & developed our aesthetic, we found ourselves drawn to the party and fetish scene which up until today continues to inform our work. Designs for those who shared our appreciation of avant-garde and provocative clothing. Our work evolved - we began to incorporate more sophisticated & refined elements into our designs while remaining true to our roots. We found inspiration in art, architecture, and nature, and we started to experiment with new materials and techniques. Our passion project has grown into a successful fashion brand with a dedicated community all while remaining true to our origins. We continue to push boundaries, challenge norms, and express our vision. Excited to see where it takes us next.

What was it like building a brand in Berlin and how does the city impact your brand’s philosophy and aesthetic?

We are deeply influenced by our environment. Berlin's rich history of youth culture and alternative movements, includes both conservative & exclusive elements, juxtaposed with its progressive and inclusive spirit. This contrast creates a dynamic tension that fuels our creative process. A celebration of individuality & creativity, which is inspired by the city's dynamic energy and ever-evolving cultural landscape. The smell of freedom & openness encourages self-expression, allowing for a diverse range of identities to flourish. The city's diversity and openness inspire us to create collections that celebrate individuality which moves us to challenge traditional notions. We strive to capture the city's dynamic tension in our designs, creating clothing that is both inclusive and aspirational, accessible and exclusive, traditional and innovative.

Your approach is dynamic and multifaceted - UY is more of an art-collective than a conventional fashion label. How do you create this sense of community?

Our design philosophy is inspired by the diverse cultures, the beauty and complexity of the world around us and our own experiences and identities. Our founders, from Tel Aviv and Stockholm, share rich historical, cultural and natural backgrounds. The desert landscapes and ancient architecture of Israel, as well as the sleek, minimalist aesthetic of Swedish design, natural elements motivate our designs, colour palettes, textures, and material selection. We combine the warmth and passion of the Middle East with the cooler, clean lines and functionalism of Scandinavia in our designs. Our act of creating is a powerful form of art therapy and self-expression, helping us to make sense of the world around us and connecting with those who resonate with our shared experiences, thus always growing our design inspiration.

From the start you have been at the forefront of promoting genderless fashion. Can you tell us more about your experience on that? 

The main experience we could think of here is that inclusivity is still a long way to go in the industry and that we want to continue to push those boundaries as much as we can to have a little impact on the exclusive umbrella we are still experiencing. It has always been one of the most important factors for us in our design but also in our hearts as we believe in freedom in expression and the incredible power behind it.

Any upcoming collaborations or projects that you have in the works?

If I wasn't signed on to a mega NDA I would tell haha, for the moment I would say, make sure to be online at fall time ;)